Same old

By Greg Spearritt

Why does a decent secular society continue to give concessions to a regressive minority who have proved themselves morally corrupt while outrageously claiming to represent moral rectitude?

Sydney Anglican Diocese is at it again…

Leaving aside issues like child abuse (and here) and a problem with domestic violence, rorting public funds (e.g. using taxpayer funds to address abuse liabilities), promoting social inequality through their private school network (again using public funds) and support for discrimination against historically marginalised Australians (e.g. $1 million for the lobby against gay marriage) are surely reasons to re-examine our tax laws relative to religious groups like this.

That people are entitled to hold odious views is not the point. Their access to publicly-funded concessions for their own financial benefit, exacerbated by hypocritical rhetoric on ‘corruption’ and ‘evil’, is the issue.

Society, including many religious people and even Anglicans elsewhere, has moved on. When will we call time on increasingly cult-like groups such as the Sydney Anglicans receiving public financial support?

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Photo: St Andrews Anglican Cathedral, Sydney (Maksym Kozlenko, CC BY-SA 3.0)