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SOFiA is a network of Australians interested in openly exploring issues of life and meaning through reason, philosophy, ethics, religion, science and the arts. We want to explore for ourselves what we can believe and how we can find meaning in our lives.

SOFiA has no philosophical or religious position beyond a desire to ‘openly explore’: it is a forum for discussing ideas, experiences and possibilities.

Any who find themselves in sympathy with our purpose – exploring life and meaning in an open and non-dogmatic manner – are most welcome to join us.



Watch this space for our main event in 2021!

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Tripping along nicely

Tripping along nicely

Recent studies in both rodents and humans suggest there may be significant benefits to be had in using tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs to treat...

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Stuff happens

Stuff happens

My cultural heritage is English. Lots to be unhappy about there as I will freely admit, given the extent to which the English have helped stuff the...

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