How you know it’s Easter

By Greg Spearritt

There was a time not so long ago that the mainstream press (remember them?) carried a good number of articles in Holy Week reporting on what Church leaders were saying.

Nowadays you know Easter’s approaching by following current affairs. Noel Pearson, for example, is labelling the Coalition’s ‘no’ stance on the Indigenous voice a “Judas betrayal”. Very timely.

Then there’s The Donald. In his case the affairs aren’t actually current, but the ramifications of trying to hide them are. “Seems there was someone else who was tortured and crucified this week,” claims one of his followers after his arraignment on Tuesday. Trump rode into Jerus New York in a motorcade rather than on a donkey, but the parallels are there to see (if you try hard enough, and no-one accuses Trump supporters of not being trying).

Happy Easter!

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Photo by John Cutting on Unsplash