We hear so much about the big world events and the big names in politics, business and entertainment. So often it seems these high-profile ‘players’ could benefit from a dose of ‘ordinary’ decency and common sense.

The Creating Space website run by Australian psychologist Ruth Nelson aims to promote pro-social values, including critical thinking. The site includes a podcast and is dedicated to the stories and values of ordinary people (women in particular).

From the Creating Space mission statement:

“The Creating Space Project is passionate about working with people to help them better understand and develop social values. Some of the values we focus on include:

    Empathy: Seeing a situation through the eyes of another; it is the basis for altruism;

    Altruism: Helping another;

    Compassion: A feeling that motivates a person to help another;

    Autonomy: An essential quality of independence that helps young people resist peer pressure;

    Scepticism: An ability to wonder about and investigate the truth of what you are told.”