Religion News Selection

February 12 – 19, 2023

A selection of religion news stories from Australia

(Research: Greg Spearritt)



‘Annihilating for survivors’: the Catholic church and its plaques to abuse perpetrators (The Guardian, Australia)
Feb 19 – For the past 10 years, on the grounds of one of Canberra’s most prominent Catholic schools, a small plaque has paid tribute to the service of a man named Brother Jerome Hickman.


Anglican archbishop apologises for promoting gay rights campaigner in newspaper ad (Sydney Morning Herald)
Feb 16 – The conservative Anglican archbishop of Sydney has apologised to clergy for causing them distress after the diocese’s newspaper mistakenly promoted a talk by a gay Anglican who is one of the world’s leading authorities on harm caused by conversion therapy.


As a Scots old boy, it’s not Tony Abbott’s visit that concerns me most (Sydney Morning Herald)
Feb 14 – (Opinion: Trevor Danos) I attended Scots College in the first half of the 1970s.

Public school exodus continues as parents go private despite cost-of-living pressures (ABC News)
Feb 15 – Mount Annan Christian College in Sydney’s south-west is a construction zone as well as a busy school.

Authentic culture of faith-based schools must be protected (The Australian)
Feb 15 – (Opinion: Mark Fowler) It is ludicrous to suggest that religious schools be required to hire staff who do not share their religious beliefs or who have no religious beliefs.


Church’s abhorrent therapy has no place in this state (Sydney Morning Herald)
Feb 15 – (Opinion: editorial) Quite unexpectedly the issue of church versus state has entered the NSW state election campaign, focusing attention on the Perrottet government’s continuing hardline stance against addressing the atrocious practice of so-called gay conversion therapy.

Also: Bipartisan support pledged in NSW to ban gay conversion practices (ABC News)
Feb 17 – Both the NSW government and opposition have pledged to support legislation banning gay conversion practices in the state.


We need to talk about extremism and its links to Christian fundamentalism (The Guardian, Australia)
Feb 17 – (Opinion: Josh Roose) The announcement yesterday that Queensland police now consider the Wieambilla attacks to be a “religiously motivated terror attack” connected to a Christian extremist ideology should constitute a seismic shift in our understanding of the terror threat in Australia.

‘I’ve got a demon in me’: Gay conversion fighter’s brave rise from hell on earth (Sydney Morning Herald)
Feb 19 – (Interview) Chris Csabs, 37, is the co-founder of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Change Efforts Survivors, which has pressed for a ban on so-called “LGBTQ conversion practices”.

‘I had to get out of there’: an Australian survivor of homosexuality ‘cures’ tells her story (The Guardian, Australia)
Feb 19 – Lee Clayton’s account of being hospitalised, sedated and almost undergoing brain surgery has inspired a storyline in a new play on at WorldPride