Broadbeach business opportunity

By John Carr

During my short holiday at Broadbeach this year, my tram stop was Broadbeach North. Every time I caught a tram, I was able to study the range of businesses in the nearby block on the Highway and a very interesting range there is.

Perhaps 200 metres long, the block offered:

  • 3 massage parlours
  • 2 liquor stores
  • 2 pawn shops
  • a tobacconist
  • a ‘Vape Haven’
  • a tattoo parlour
  • a ‘Nail Heaven’
  • a ‘Beauty Lounge’
  • a ‘Hair Studio’
  • a locksmith and
  • a war games shop.

Around the corner, there were many coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, but only a few of such food outlets had found their way onto highway frontage. There were a couple of Asian take-aways and  the delicately named – ‘FUKU Japanese Restaurant’.

However, we keen entrepreneurs should not despair. I am sure that we can identify other opportunities for niche markets currently not catered to that would be ‘good little earners’. Who would like to join me in investing in:

  • a gentleman’s club
  • an adult goods shop
  • a Brazilian waxing parlour
  • an STD clinic
  • a private investigator’s office
  • and a souvenir shop?

As an indication of good faith, please have your regular courier deposit a holding sum of USD1,000 (in used banknotes) in my usual PO Box by close of business tomorrow.

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Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash (modified)