The Brookfield SoF group meets monthly at 7.30pm on the 1st Sunday of each month at the Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills. To organise the program and the meetings, we have a Group Contact, Helen Mason, and Garth Everson and Judith Bore who help with planning.  Also we have group members who each convene one or two meetings during the year.

2012 Meetings

5th Feb             Bernard McKenna:  The Practical Nature of Wisdom

4th Mar             Owen Ronalds: Transaction analysis and the Victim Triangle in Theology

1st Apr             Rubin Rosenrauch: More points on Lacan

6th May            Rodney Eivers:  Moral Issues from the Legend of King Arthur

3rd Jun             Helen Mason:  ‘Blessed are the Meek’- the connection between Humility and Spirituality

1st Jul              Anne Marie Derrington: Cosmology- Points of Interest from Stephen Hawkins’s book

5th Aug             Tony Walters: Personal Spirituality through an understanding of the Enneagram

4th Sep             The SoFiA Conference

7th Oct             Mervyn Thomas: In Defence of Tradition

4th Nov             Reg Collard: To What Extent do we want Limitations of Free Speech?

2nd Dec            Bill Hendry: Christmas party followed by discussion (no set topic)

2011 Meetings

6th Feb             Judith Bore: Ideas from “Poetic Tales” by Dinah Livingstone

6th Mar             Stephen Ogden: Love Upside Down: Life, Love and the Subversive Jesus

3rd April            Ingerid Meagher: Forgiveness

1st May            Gayle Tulloch: Animal Ethics-  Our Connection with Other Species

5th June            Pandit G: Hindu Philosophy

3rd July             Helen Mason: Zen in the Art of Archery

7th Aug             Rubin Rosenrauch: Jacques Lacan and the Symbolic Order

4th Sep             Garth Everson: Silence and ‘Ultimate Reality’

2nd Oct             James O’Donoghue: How Atheism can be a help to Theology

6th Nov             Greg Spearritt: Where I Stand on Issues of Religion, Faith and Meaning

4th Dec             Peter Bore: What I Value as a Member of the Brookfield SoFiA Group