Steven Ogden (Research Fellow with the Center for Public and Contextual Theology at Charles Sturt University and the Anglican Parish Priest) suggests, a la Foucault, that a key aspect of spirituality is “deep transformation”, a process of being unmade and remade – or ‘born again’ (e.g. as Nicodemus was).

SOFiA member David Miller has an interesting view on this:

My take on ‘transformation’ is that it is only one aspect of spirituality. In my non-theist and non-supernaturalist viewpoint, I think of spirituality as the human spirit. And I equate this with human nature; which, of course, has negative as well as positive aspects.


I have had a number of transformations throughout my life. And, yes, I was quite ‘fundamentalist’ about them at the time. The residue of them is still there, lurking below the surface. They are ready to savagely pounce on my present thinking and feeling. The inner turmoil sometimes paralyses me. Nevertheless, I enjoy the battle. For me this is capital ‘L’ living.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

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