For a long time we seem to have made do with male/masculine and female/feminine as our only two choices for gender identity, but change is now in our communities and on our airwaves. What does it all mean?

Come and find out!

Gender Diversity: What, Who, How is a one-day event tackling the terms, the concepts, the research and, crucially, the experiences of those who are gender non-conforming in a largely gender-binary world.

Speakers include Jade Mirabito, who identifies as “agender, trans, queer, femme and fabulous” and works with mental health and suicide prevention services on the Gold Coast, and Olivia Donaghy, who leads the Children\’s Health Queensland gender service at Lady Cilento Children\’s Hospital.

A panel will present their own experiences as gender non-conforming people in a primarily gender-binary society; panel members include Anglican priest and trans woman the Rev. Jo Inkpin and trans man, musician and broadcaster Eddie Ayres.

Details of the event, including how to register, are on our website.