Religion News Selection

October 24 – 31, 2021

A selection of religion news stories from Australia

(Research: Greg Spearritt)



Complex trauma almost ended Paul Klotz’s life until someone believed him (ABC News)
Oct 28 – Paul Klotz had an idyllic childhood adventuring with his dog Benson and horse Sanur through the streets of Emerald in central Queensland.


The unnerving sound my presence in an all-male college unleashed stayed with me for years (Sydney Morning Herald)
Oct 30 – (Opinion: Julia Baird) I will never forget the first time I walked into the dining hall of St Paul’s College at Sydney University.


‘Joyously subversive sex goddesses’: the artists who gave witches a spellbinding makeover (The Guardian, Australia)
Oct 28 – We all know what a witch looks like.

When the mystical goes mainstream: how tarot became a self-care phenomenon (The Guardian, Australia)
Oct 28 – When Jessica Dore was growing up, her mother had a tarot deck from which she’d pull cards – much to the mounting mortification of her daughter.

This Icelandic priestess practises a Viking-era religion, and it’s on the rise (ABC News)
Oct 31 – Jóhanna Harðardóttir is friends with Thor.


Nazi flag seized after act of ‘pure evil’ over Brisbane Synagogue (Brisbane Times)
Oct 31 – Queensland leaders have condemned the appearance of a Nazi flag over the Brisbane Synagogue just days before the Jewish community commemorates one of its darkest events.


‘We want to minister to all’: Faith leaders welcome capped services for unvaccinated (The Age, Melbourne)
Oct 31 – After months of lockdown, the doors at St Dominic’s Catholic Church in Camberwell are finally open for worship and prayer again.