The Melbourne SOFiA Group has monthly lecture/discussions, mostly at 2pm on Saturdays.

All viewpoints welcome. Please contact David Miller – –
for each month’s Zoom link.


2023 Physical meetings (3rd Thursdays, 7.15pm):
16 March – “Spiritualism is About Life, Not Death.” – Lorraine Lee Tet.
20 April – “Darwin’s Dilemma: A Purposeless/Accidental Evolutionary Process?” – Hans Strichow.
18 May – “Gurdjieff: Physiology of Soul Creation.” – Luke Behncke.
2023 Zoom meetings (2nd Saturdays, 2pm):
25 March – “From Physics to Metaphysics: A New Way.” – Dr. Stephen Ames.
22 April – “The Christianization of Europe.” – Mettalia Tanjaya.
27 May – “Minority Theology: Universalism and Pluralism.” – Dr. Paul Tonson.