The Melbourne SOFiA Group has monthly lecture/discussions, mostly at 2pm on Saturdays.

All viewpoints welcome. Please contact David Miller – –
for each month’s Zoom link.


2023 Physical meetings (3rd Thursdays, 7.15pm, North Carlton Library):
21 September – “Does Nietzsche’s ‘Free Spirit’ really exist? Can Man overcome God?” – Stephen Higson.
2023 Zoom meetings (4th Saturdays, 2pm):
23 September – “Mulling over that F-word, Faith.” – Glen Beasley.
28 October      – “A Critique of the New Testament’s Christology.” – Dr. Paul Tonson.
25 November  – “The Universal Person: The Possibility of Human Perfection.” – Dr. Nicholas Coleman.

23 December  – “The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt.” – David Cohan.