The Melbourne SOFiA Group has monthly lecture/discussions, mostly at 2pm on Saturdays.

All viewpoints welcome. Please contact David Miller – –
for each month’s Zoom link.


2024 Physical meetings (3rd Thursdays, 7.15pm, North Carlton Library):
15 February – “Sport as Religion in Australia.” – Rosalie Tremaine.
2024 Zoom meetings (4th Saturdays, 2pm):
27 January   – “The Nature of Jesus? The 5th Century Battles.” – Dr. John Perkins.
24 February – “Yahweh or Chemosh? Is one god as good as another?” – Dr. Paul Tonson.
23 March     – “Religion Without Revelation: Julian Huxley.” – Robert Bender.
27 April        – “Oswald Spengler: The Destiny of Western Faustian Culture.” – Mettalia Tanjaya.
25 May        – “Early Christianity in Asia.” – John Noack.
22 June       – “Do We Have Enough Time? A Eudaimonic Answer.” – Lev Lafayette.