How should we live nowadays? Where can we look for moral guidance? From our (once) most trusted institutions (e.g. churches and Cricket Australia, if not our councils, parliaments and banks) to individuals struggling with social media addiction and abuse, our society seems to be all at sea on this issue.

Is advancing secularisation a cause, or a ray of hope? Arguably, popular culture looms increasingly large in contemporary moral guidance, from Happy Potter (the Harry Potter Alliance) to superhero films. Can the churches or civil society claw back their moral authority? What other options are there?

Fear not! This is the issue we’ll be grappling with at the 2019 SOFiA in Australia one-day conference. Maybe we’ll find being ‘all at sea’ is not such a bad thing…

Date: Saturday, 15 June

Venue: Qld Art Gallery lecture theatre, Southbank, Brisbane

Watch our website for details.