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The Melbourne SoF group meets monthly on a Thursday at 7.30pm at the Carlton Library Meeting Room, corner Rathdowne and Newry Streets, North Carlton. (Melways Map: 2B, J2). Lectures are followed by questions, discussion and refreshments.  ALL viewpoints are welcome.

Contact David Miller (03 9467 2063). Gold coin donation appreciated.  Lectures are followed by questions, discussion and supper.

2016 / 2017 PROGRAM


15 December 2016

Dr. Colin Goodwin  (Independent Scholar)

"Intellectual Respectability and Christian Doctrines: A Reappraisal of Thomas Aquinas".

16 February 2017

Carl Turney  (Sunday Assembly)

"Love: Saint Valentine and his Day."

16 March 2017

Tim Harding  (Australian Skeptics)

"Europe’s Dark Ages."

20 April 2017

Neil Blood

"Exploring Don Cupitt’s suggestion: to give ethics priority in defining and shaping religious life."

18 May 2017

Andrew Rooke  (Theosophical Society)

"Ghosts: Do they actually exist? If so, what are they? - Perspectives from Theosophy."

15 June 2017

Peter Sanders

"Pondering the Universe."

20 July 2017

Paul Tonson  (Progressive Agnostic Christian)

"The Faith-Freethought Divide is a False Dichotomy."

17 August 2017

Jennifer Jaeger (Ankh Antiquarian Books)

"Aspects of Kingship in the Old Kingdom of Egypt."

21 September 2017

Reem Sweid  (Muslims for Progressive Values)

"Can Islam be a progressive religion?"

19 October 2017

George Paul  (Coptic Christian)

"The History of the Situation in the Middle East."

16 November 2017

Martin Joiner

"Contemporary Australian Spirituality."

21 December 2017

John Power  (Archetypal Spirituality)

"Beyond Liberalism: The Return of Archetypal Spirituality."

15 February 2018

Nicholas Coleman  (The Interfaith Centre)

"Oneness as a Spiritual Alternative to Supernaturalism."

15 March 2018

John Noack  (Carl Jung Society)

"What sort of Messiah was Jesus Christ?"

19 April 2018

Andrew Rooke  (Theosophical Society)

"The Inter-Life: What modern research says happens between lifetimes."

17 May 2018

James Fodor  (Rationalist Society of Australia)

"A Critique of the Historical Case for the Resurrection of Jesus."

21 June 2018

Rosalie Tremaine  (Evangelical Christian)

"Is Science the Answer?"

19 July 2018

Leslie Greenhill

"Ancient Egypt and the Apollo Triangle."

16 August 2018

Paul Tonson (Progressive Agnostic Christian)

"Exodus, Resurrection and Divine Agency: Does God Move Anything?"

20 September 2018

Joe Sampson (Humanist Society of Victoria)

"The Theology of Bishop John Robinson’s 1963 Book, ’Honest to God’."


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