Spiritual healing

  (24 May 12)
  by Greg Spearritt

I recently heard a talk on ‘spiritual healing’. I assumed that ‘healing’ meant completely relieving a person of their ailment, so that someone with tennis elbow who is healed would no longer either have the condition or experience pain from it. On that basis I was very sceptical.

After a while, however, I came to see that the speaker was referring to ‘spiritual’ as against ‘physical’ healing. The physical ailment may or may not be healed in this process, but the subject is healed spiritually.

Spirituality is one of my pet hate words (as I’ve posted previously), but I could see some sense in this. Your local GP has a bare 10 minutes to deal with someone’s problem, and I believe it to be well-documented that spending time with people, listening and sympathising can have a powerful effect on well-being. Throw in the placebo effect that inevitably arises when someone who self-describes as a ‘healer’ is focussing on you and why would you not feel much better after a session, even if your tennis elbow pain is still there?

Provided this is not being done for the personal (monetary) gain of the healer, it seems to me pretty much a good thing. Particularly when, as with the person I heard, advice is given that any serious ailment should be taken to a doctor.



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