Religion v Society in Oz

  (26 January 12)
  by Greg Spearritt

It seems to me there are only four points on which contemporary religion in Australia clashes in any significant way with the general Oz culture:


-       the access of women to the full range of roles within the religion;

-       the legitimacy of homosexuality and the rights of gay people to equal treatment;

-       attitudes to how religious groups deal with abusive miscreants within their ranks; and

-       the level of influence religion should have on the society and on public education in particular.


Interestingly, all four relate to the question of human rights.


There are of course other points of contention, but these seldom rise to public attention. They’d include the acceptability of cohabitation before marriage, public subsidy of religious groups (i.e. their tax-free and rates-free status) and treatment of asylum-seekers.


It should be noted that there are exceptions to most of these, with some individual religious groups pretty much matching society in general (for good or for ill) in their attitudes.


Have I missed any major points of contention?






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