It’s the End again – what to do?

  (19 October 11)
  by Greg Spearritt

With the world about to end again tomorrow, what are your options? Here are a few to (quickly) consider.


·         Drop Harold Camping an email to thank him for the heads-up.

·         Follow Douglas Adams’s advice (i.e. don’t bother with the paper bag).

·         Do something really, really nice for someone (on the off-chance it’ll go down well if there really is a Judgment looming).

·         Dance like nobody’s watching, even if they’re watching.

·         Do that Terrible Thing you’ve fantasised about (finally sort out the neighbour’s cat etc).

·         Spend up big at the local liquor barn, hire a band and throw a party.

·         Read the Bible/Koran/Rg Veda/Diamond Sutra/Karma Sutra. Probably forget the Form Guide.

·         Send me all your money, since you won’t be needing it.


Of course, what you do will depend on how likely you think it is that you’re among the elite who’ll be raptured away from the carnage on the streets.


If it happens to be after October 21, 2011 and you’re reading this, there may be a few things in the above list you’ll wish you hadn’t done. Just thought I should warn you.




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