Is there a God?

  (31 August 11)
  by Greg Spearritt

Here’s one to watch for: a debate between Peter Singer (Princeton bio-ethicist and atheist) and John Lennox (Oxford Maths Professor and Christian) on the grandest of the topics… Is there a God?


Big Ideas, ABC 1, Tues (6 Sept) or Wed (7 Sept) at 11am.



In the event, a pretty poor debate. John Lennox, for instance, argued naively from the Bible as though it was history. What is it about scientists that they don't demand decent scholarship in fields other than their own?

Posted by Greg S

What did Alice in Wonderland have to say about naming items and claiming that they were sufficient for herself to believe. This is still the philisophical dilemma for the sharing of belief. I am writing this from a friend of mine's residence in Tasmania who is a healthy atheist.

Posted by dysart82to85

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