Extremism and atheists

  (03 July 11)
  by Greg Spearritt

If Christians have to shoulder the burden of the Crusades and witch-burnings and Muslims are held to account for awful doings in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia, should atheists be expected to take some responsibility for the terrible deeds associated with Pol Pot and Chairman Mao?


Prominent atheist Dick Gross thinks so…




CHristians dont have to bear any weight. the church has to do that. people think God is the church when the church is a human institution. God had nothing to do with those killings.... humans did. so dont blame christians because its not reasonable or fair and even more importantly dont blame God and dont turn your back from him because he is life and he is the truth and he is LOVE. xoxo

Posted by maria

Yes certainly ; surely the salient issue is not to play the blame game (atheists are very good at that)but for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, Christians and all people of good will to move forward as genuinely as they see fit~~~~Paul Murchison.

Posted by Paul Murchison

I agree that flavours of belief (or non-belief) are much less important than 'getting on with it' in a spirit of goodwill. Nonetheless, belief continues to lead to extremism in some cases. I find Dick Gross's criteria for assessing how benign a faith system is very helpful.

Posted by Greg Spearritt

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