Room at the Inn?

  (18 December 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

Malcolm Farr’s analysis of the asylum-seeker issue in Australia, as given to Geraldine Doogue on Radio National, is superb. The problem, he says, is overwhelmingly political; the cultural, demographic or employment consequences of so-called “illegal” boat arrivals are negligible.


Hugh Mackay calls it a moral issue that’s been politicised.


It’s about Australians who begrudge generosity where they feel it’s unwarranted (despite us proudly singing “we’ve boundless plains to share”), and politicians taking advantage of that miserly mood.


Has One Nation small-mindedness become mainstream? Is there room at the inn this Christmas?




When there's an issue that: * the public holds irrational ideas about * politicians are willing to prostitute their values about * and the media will write it all up to sell papers and TV ad space this will continue to be an issue when in fact it's a storm in a tea-cup.

Posted by Scott McKenzie

There is also racial predjudice that is denied completely because we aren't racist. We are nice. If the boats were full of white Zimbabwean farmers they would be welcomed.

Posted by Owen

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