Why religion makes people happier

  (11 December 10)

Religious people are more satisfied with their lives than nonbelievers, but a new study finds it's not a relationship with God that makes the devout happy. Instead, the satisfaction boost may come from closer ties to earthly neighbors.

 ….. the satisfaction couldn't be attributed to factors like individual prayer, strength of belief, or subjective feelings of God's love or presence. Instead, satisfaction was tied to the number of close friends people said they had in their religious congregation. People with more than 10 friends in their congregation were almost twice as satisfied with life as people with no friends in their congregation.

 Perhaps belonging to a secular friend group that engages in meaningful activities and shares a social identity might also boost life satisfaction?



Maybe that's why God created us? He was just a depressed old guy with supreme cosmic power and issues of grandiosity with no friends at all. A god can't live like that forever :)

Posted by Owen

Intuitively this is absolutely correct.

Posted by Frank Hepple

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