WikiLeaks and faith in government

  (07 December 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

SoFiA is about openly exploring religion, faith and meaning. WikiLeaks has enhanced our ability to openly explore the faith we place (and are urged to place) in governments, chiefly that of the USA but also our own. The reaction of some politicians and commentators as the hornet’s nest is stirred is further evidence that trust in these governments is barely warranted.


Adding a comment to the open letter which appeared yesterday on The Drum (thank the gods for Aunty!) is one way to show support for openness and to affirm access to information (where’s that report on the NBN, Julia?) as a key plank in the ever-leaky raft we call democracy.    




The leaks are only confirming what some of us had already suspected. If these leaks really are a threat to international security, then why isn't the media, who publicise the leaked material, being prosecuted?

Posted by David Miller

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