A science of morality?

  (21 October 10)

Frans de Waal, the famous primatologist writes about human behaviour and primate behaviour in the New York Times, exploring the idea that  humans ‘can be good without God’. The way the primate brain shades slowly over (evolutionary) time into the human brain supports the general idea that while we are special we aren’t all that unique. However de Waal stops short of suggesting that his science is able, or will ever be able, to provide a basis for morality i.e. establish moral laws from a scientific investigation of human beings.

 This is Sam Harris’ project in his latest book ‘The Moral Landscape”. You can get some idea of his viewpoint by reading some reviews on Amazon.


Morality can never be without God. The problem of morality without God is that it becomes a choice and that does not support true communal living. Only from a point of oneness, where there is a common basis for all can there be moral law because it is no longer a choice. Our decisions, even our thoughts can impact on another person or persons, so we are compelled to act ethically.

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