Euthanasia in the Netherlands

  (24 September 10)

Euthanasia in the Netherlands

 The recent SoFiA National conference on the Sunshine Coast featured Marshall Perron, former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, talking about voluntary euthanasia as a solution to the dilemma of ‘dying with dignity’. Ian Mavor wrote about palliative care as another solution to this dilemma in the July 2010 edition of SoFiA Bulletin.

 Brian Wilder has sent a link to a study in the Netherlands of a couple of decades of dealing with voluntary euthanasia including the more recent legislation that gave certainty.

As we Baby Boomers get older (not forgetting also an earlier generation!) this becomes a more significant issue – a dilemma for all of us.  

 More information is available from Exit International and Dying with Dignity.



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