Those devilish Greens

  (28 August 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

Archbishop Pell’s advice to avoid voting for the Greens ("sweet camouflaged poison", as he described them) doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the national election results. Or maybe it has… they won their first ever Lower House seat, scored a record 11+% of the vote nationally and will now hold the balance of power in the Senate.




I was about to leave a longer comment but I'll just give it to the magic tree instead of using the techno barbarian computer:) I like the zen story about sweets disguised as poison. To me it is about religious lies..Cardinal Pell possibly knows a lot about them.

Posted by Owen

The recent Avatar film was a truth telling parable for our times.

At a very basic level it was about the "culture" of death as represented by the techno-barbarian invaders, versus the culture of life as represents by the Navi.

It was interesting to observe the entirely predictable right-wing group-think response to the film. Especially by right-wing "conservative" religionists (George Pell's fellow travellers)

They all came out very strongly in support of the techno-barbarian "culture" of death.

A line from the film: "It is impossible to cure you of your insanity".

Quite so!

Posted by John

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