Our explanation of reality challenged

  (21 July 10)

We tend to think that we can explain our reality by using scientific models, theories and laws - that is until we begin to talk about 'subjective experience' and 'consciousness'. What brain scientists call 'the hard problem of consciousness', that is how we can explain our thoughts and our subjective experience as a result of physical processes in the brain, has failed to submit to satisfactory explanation.

And at the atomic level and below that level, quantum mechanics is also finding it difficult to use known physical processes to explain the behaviour of matter.

And then there's the question of where the laws came from, and how matter 'knows' to follow these laws.

Todd Duncan writing for The Global Spiral, a publication of the Metanexus Institute tries to untangle this problem. Worth a look. 


Is this a really a challenge to science? I don't think it is science that has a problem with not knowing. Knowledge is always finite. I guess you'd have to do some kind of study to find what motivates people to substitute not knowing with a faith in ignorance.

Posted by Owen

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Consciousness is not a "hard problem".

We are all floating in an infinitely radiant sea of Conscious Light. The Beautiful Room of Perfect Space.

No matter what arises you are always already only Consciousness Itself.

You are NOT the one who wakes, or dreams, or sleeps.

You ARE the actionless and formless mere Witness of the three common states of waking, dreaming and sleeping. And of all the apparent contents and experiences associated with these three common states.

You are NOT the body, or the doer of action, or the doer of even ANY of the body's actions or functions.

You are NOT the mind, or the thinker, or the doer of even ANY of the actions or functions of mind or of body-mind.

No matter what arises, you ARE the actionless and formless mere Witness of any and every state of experience, and of the entirety of whatever and ALL that arises..

Posted by John

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