Terrible sins: paedophilia & priesting women

  (17 July 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

It takes your breath away. The ordination of women, apparently, is on some kind of a par with child abuse by clergy.


Is it any wonder the Catholic Church is both on the nose and increasingly irrelevant in the 21st century? It’s truly unfortunate, because there are very many forward-thinking Catholics who become more and more marginalised and demoralised as Rome (with Sydney in tow) continues its long-term lurch to the right.




Seems like a beat up story to me. I have no love of dogma and the roman church but the issues were not really linked. It is like saying a rugby league player who rapes is like a rugby league player who wants to play by soccer rules. They both will be kicked out ...but they are not alike. Likewise I have no problem with them kicking out Peter Kennedy. Plainly, a sensible place for most good people is outside of the forever heirarchical catholic church.

Posted by Owen

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