What now for religion in politics?

  (26 June 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

Faith in politics may not be dead under non-practising Baptist Julia Gillard but it is certain to take on an altogether different meaning. So says Joel Gibson, writing in the SMH. Let’s hope the change is for the better.




Well I read Joel Gibson's article and there is a question I would like to ask him that I hope would bring more depth to his commentary. What are the differences between secular and religious values?

Posted by Judith Bore

And, further to Judith's question, why are 'family values' associated with religion? Many founders and leading lights in religious movements had anything but what contemporary conservative religious folk think of as 'family values'. Witness the Old Testament fathers (polygamy), Buddha and Jesus (forsaking marriage), St Francis (abandoning his wife and family for God), Mohammed (polygamy, including taking child brides), Gandhi (anything but a 'family man')... and the list goes on.

Posted by Greg Spearritt

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