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  (28 May 10)

Nicholas Kristoff writing in the New York Times of 28 May tells the story of Sister Margaret of St Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sister Margaret was described by many as 'saintly' and 'close to God'.

But she took a decision that led to her automatic excommunication by a local bishop of the Roman Cathlolic Church. Much to the outrage of most who knew her and her decision.

Read Sister Margaret's story here. I makes me wonder - what about you?



Every organization has rules and when we break the rules we are punished. Some, like criminals, are punished rightly. Others, like Jesus and Gandhi, are punished wrongly.

Sister Margaret was punished rightly in the view of her local Bishop, but wrongly in the eyes of those who value a present life over a potential one which might be lost--in this case--when the existing life dies.

Fortunately, Sister Margaret can console any mistaken despair by considering all those who did the right thing despite organizational edict. I suspect there are many hospitals who can benefit from her experience and compassion. (New Mexico, USA)

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