Synthetic life - threat or blessing?

  (22 May 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

The creation by scientists of synthetic life is certainly a milestone, and probably more than just a scientific one.


Enter the Italian bishops. While they’re apparently worried about man ‘playing God’, it’s good to see they’re not just following a knee-jerk oppositional line.


The argument that we don’t know where this will lead is a valid one: I, for one, regret that we were ever able to discover the secret power of atoms.


However, any complaint that humanity may use its new-found powers of creating life for dastardly ends doesn’t stack up if it’s assumed we’re usurping the powers of an almighty, beneficent Creator. God, after all, has given us Ebola virus, Loa loa and Pol Pot. Not to mention John Howard and Kevin Rudd.





What more can you expect from a group that has decided to change the wording in its liturgies by returning to an old-fashioned set of words from 40 years ago?

Posted by Scott McKenzie

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