Bring Back the Gods!

  (03 November 07)
  by Greg Spearritt

Tolerance of others, openness to a diversity of viewpoints and ideas, acceptance of human fallibility... these are just some of the benefits of Greco-Roman polytheism.

Mary Lefkowitz, emeritus Professor of Classical Studies at Wellesley College (USA) argues it's time to ditch Yahweh/Allah and bring back the pantheon.


Tolerance does not extend to atheists and those who have their own ideas.
Imagine all the taxes paid to build these temples! We like them now, but we only pay for repair work.
There was one "official" version of religion at a time, because there seem to be no separate sects with their own separate temples. How was this acheived?

Posted by Helen Mason

When you leave your gods , gods leave you and the entire civilization goes down.

Think of Greece , Rome - once blessed by their gods and now overtaken by new religion and look where they at present.....

Posted by Prem

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