A cult in Brisbane

  (01 May 10)

Just in case you think there aren’t any really vile religious cults in Australia here’s a case study of one. It was written by Chrys Stevenson an active members of Brisbane Atheists.


It’s really sad to think that human beings could be so stupid as to behave as do the leaders of this Brisbane cult.


Isn’t there something we in SoFiA can do to let our voices be heard against this inhuman behaviour?


Thanks for linking to my blog post, Scott. This is indeed a cause that both theists and non-theists should get together to support.

Senator Sue Boyce has written to the Attorney General asking him to consider introducing legislation that would give the victims of cults legal and financial redress.

You can read Senator Boyce's letter to the Attorney-General here:

(Please note, the letter has two pages, click the thumbnail under the first page for page two, or see http://thatsmyphilosophy.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=100)

If you support Senator Boyce's suggestion you can collect signatures for a petition aimed a letting the Attorney General know that such legislation would have widespread, popular support. The petition can be downloaded here as a Word Document -

The signed petition form/s should be returned to:  CIFS (Cult Information and Family Support), PO Box 4002, St Lucia South  Q  4067.

There are several other suggestions about how to assist towards the end of the blog post.

I do hope that the members of SoFiA will take whatever action they can to assist BCF survivors and those from other abusive cults who have suffered so greatly.


Posted by Chrys Stevenson

We have now set up a website to make it simple for you to lobby the Attorney General and the Federal Parliament to take action on this issue. Please check out: http://www.reasonmakesadifference.net/campaigns/redress-for-cult-victims

It will take you less than 2 minutes to send a pro-forma letter or, you can choose to send your own.

Posted by Chrys Stevenson

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