This makes my blood boil

  (01 April 10)

All of us will have come across reports in recent times (and for years also in the past), of Catholic priests who molested (I’m too disgusted to use stronger and more appropriate terms) boys and girls, young and old, for years and years.


But we might not have read of the depth of this problem, of the significance of the sacraments that were abused in the process, and of the current Pope’s complicity in this sorry matter.


Three news reports have come to light that address these matters:


Christopher Hitchens writing in Slate clearly shows the complicity of the Pope in his piece The Pope is Not above the Law.


Michael Murphy asks in The Independent How could Catholics do Such a Thing? in an insightful and heart-rending analysis of “he who is in a state of grace” as the perpetrator of such evil.


And finally India Knight, long-time Catholic (of sorts), writes in TimesOnline from a personal perspective Holy Father I can no longer stay in this Church of Disgust.


Probably not the end of the Catholic Church (it’s proved remarkably resilient) but another nail in the coffin – as a mass movement at least.


I think it was George Bernard Shaw that said " The Catholic church will last forever - it will outlast the cross"

Posted by Glenorchy McBride

Sadly it's not only the Catholic church, either. The Anglican church is riddled with it - I say sadly, as one who was an Anglican most of her life. I know of one or two cases involving people I know, which really disgust me!

Posted by Marie

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Posted by mason5566

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