Global atheism in the news

  (20 March 10)
  by Greg Spearritt

What the newspapers say about the recent Global Atheist Convention…


By their fruit shall ye know them  (The Age, Melbourne)

Mar 9 – (Barney Zwartz) The jury is coming in on the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne last December: it has produced some good fruit, and may produce more.


Dawkins derides sainthood as Pythonesque  (Sydney Morning Herald)

Mar 15 – (Jacqueline Maley) THE creation of saints is "pure Monty Python" and the Family First senator Steve Fielding is more stupid than an earthworm, says the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.


Mysterious rituals of the atheists  (The Age, Melbourne)

Mar 15 – (Stephen Bullivant And Lois Lee) Those declaring themselves godless provide a fascinating study for sociologists.


Celebrating life beyond belief  (The Australian)

Mar 15 – (Miriam Cosic) THEY came from everywhere, the true unbelievers: from Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, New Zealand and beyond.


Atheists’ ridicule won’t win friends and influence people  (The Age, Melbourne)

Mar 16 – (Barney Zwartz) If the meek really do inherit the earth, it won’t be the atheists who turned out in force in Melbourne at the weekend for what organisers believe to be the world’s biggest atheist conference.


Dawkins preaches to the deluded against the divine  (The Australian)

Mar 16 – (Melanie Phillips) LIKE revivalists from an alternative universe, 2500 hardcore believers in the absence of religion packed into the Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne last weekend to give a hero's welcome to the high priest of belief in unbelief, Richard Dawkins.


Atheism is a broad church  (Sydney Morning Herald)

Mar 17 – (Catherine Deveny) WHAT were we going to talk about all weekend? Nothing? Could we scientifically prove the existence of Richard Dawkins?


The atheist delusion  (ABC News)

Mar 19 – (Phillip Adams) When I was a child I was the only person who didn't believe in God that I knew.


Atheism: the good, the bad and the ugly  (The Age, Melbourne)

Mar 21 – (Michael Coulter) There's more to the meaning of life than proving God does (or doesn't) exist.




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