Did Jesus really exist?

  (27 February 10)

I was a bit surprised to hear during one of Peter Kennedy’s interviews this week he said in reference to Jesus “if he ever really existed”. I’ve heard Peter say that some years ago but was nevertheless surprised that he continues to do so. So when I came upon a piece that outlines the argument against the existence of Jesus I thought it might be appropriate to bring it again to our attention. This is an article of some age and which has been superseded by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s The Laughing Jesus of 2005 (which I learned about from Peter Kennedy), but remains a fundamental resource about this matter.


Of course in many ways it doesn't matter a hoot whether Jesus actually existed.


Nor does it matter whether Socrates, Buddha, Lao-Tzu or others existed. It may not matter what they said more than how it influences our behavior.

Posted by oldfuzz

He could have existed, but how do we know he didn't? Why is it important to know if he did?

Posted by HIERO

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