What are they saying about Christmas?

  (23 December 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

From the smorgasbord of Christmas views (News Ltd and Fairfax offerings)…



The obligatory conservative apologetics (the Bible really is true, you know):

Despite the sceptics, there is real truth in the story of Christmas


And more:

Christmas message holds true


The obligatory withering atheist satire:

You wouldn't read about it  


On looking beyond the incredible ‘facts’ of the Christmas story:

The Christmas call to fulfilment  


An Aussie Muslim reflects:

Christmas, curry and many faiths  


An atheist philosopher on celebrating at Christmas:

An enriching, illuminating, bonding, godless Christmas  


Amateur project naively accepts birth narratives as history:

Stop the presses: the day Jesus appeared in the Birth Notices  


Consumption and the Reason for the Season:

Did Jesus make us fat and greedy?  


The ways we secular Aussies all ‘believe’ at Christmas:

A time for all to believe


The relevance of Christmas (chiefly editorials):

So this is Christmas


Cause for thanks


Christmas story still resonates in a troubled world


The Christmas message of hope is as powerful as ever


A time to slow down and enjoy each other


Goodwill is so common in adversity  


From the clergy:

That simple birth in a stable was God's great gift to the world


Leaders urge faith, hope and charity in times of struggle


Human life must be our top priority


Now is the time to forgive, say church leaders





A facetious comment on Xmas:

After a few centuries of contention, it was decided by the Imperial Church that the birthday of the Christ child would be 25th December, the Winter Solstice. (The Ancients were a few days out).

The Winter Solstice had traditionally been celebrated as the re-birthday of the various Gods of Light. It was the shortest day. From that day on the light became daily ever more ascendant. That is, until the longest day, the Summer Solstice, when the reverse process commenced.

If the Winter Solstice is the re-birthday of the God of Light, then whose re-birthday is the Summer Solstice? The Prince of Darkness obviously.

Hey, wait a minute! We in Australia are in the southern hemisphere and we celebrate Xmas at the Summer Solstice, at the re-birthday of the Prince of Darkness. Oops! We could be in big trouble! When that final asteroid strike occurs, will it therefore be in the southern hemisphere?

Perhaps we should start celebrating Xmas on the 21st of June.

Posted by David Miller

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