What Aussies believe

  (19 December 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

A new Neilsen Poll (Faith in Australia 2009) adds to polls over many decades showing a gradual decline of belief in traditional Christian doctrine. That’s not to say there’s a gradual decline in belief in general, though. God, miracles, angels, ESP, astrology: you name it, we Aussies seem to believe in it.


There are some items of particular interest, including significant differences between men and women (e.g. men were twice as likely as women to say they did not believe in God).


The variety of ways the data is reported is also interesting. For mine, the David Marr piece says it well. Your options include:



Also see, from WAToday.com.au: Faith sometimes divides us, but that's OK (“Australia's secular status is not threatened by the resilience of religious traditions.”)  


Perhaps, since we’re apparently so confused about what we believe, Tony Abbott is on the right track: compulsory school classes on Christian belief and the Bible might be the go!




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