Festival of peaceful slaughter

  (18 November 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

1200-odd police, many of them armed, will descend on the village of Bariyapur in Nepal next week for the Hindu festival of Gadhimai. The festival involves the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of buffaloes, goats, chickens, and other animals.


Why are the police necessary? It seems they’re to enforce an alcohol ban among the million or so people attending the event. Such a move is necessary, according to chief district officer Tara Nath Gautam, so that (as the ABC reports) “people can carry out their religious activities in peace."


One can imagine what a peaceful couple of days it will be!


Despite the protestations of pesky animal rights activists, the Nepalese government won’t stop the festival. It’s a centuries-old religious tradition, don’t you know.  And, of course, it’s peaceful. Who could possibly object?




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