The Divine Prince Philip

  (11 October 07)
  by Greg Spearritt

Five inhabitants of Tanna, a small island in Vanuatu, have recorded their impressions of life in the UK, courtesy of a British TV company. Guy Adams reports on their visit and their responses.

One of the fascinating aspects of the story is the fact that these tribal folk reportedly worship Prince Philip.

The result of the enterprise is a documentary titled 'Meet the Natives', which (says Adams): 

boasts an intriguing sub-plot: the group is anxious to meet with the man they believe to be the Son of God, and ask him to return home. Much of the series revolves around the question of whether they will be granted an audience with Prince Philip. Without revealing what does happen, it all reaches a show-stopping denouement at Windsor Castle. Fascinating and hilarious as this exercise turned out to be, it will not be without its detractors. Within the anthropological community, there are many who now believe that the exercise threatened to corrupt a unique tribal culture. Still more believed that attempting to introduce the visitors to Prince Philip was fraught with danger: in one slip of his tongue, he would after all be capable of shaking their entire religion to its foundations – and the Duke is not, let's face it, a man renowned for tact.

(Thanks to Nigel Sinnot for the heads-up on this one.)


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