Climate Justice

  (22 October 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

The fundamental religious and ethical dimension of Climate Change is clearly enunciated by Desmond Tutu. In a word, it’s about justice: Africa’s poorest will be among those to suffer worst from changes that are probably in large part the legacy of the way rich Australians, Americans and Europeans have lived and continue to live.  


In the lead-up to Copenhagen, when real-world politics will face a critical test of ethics and possibly even the long-term survival of humanity, every attempt should be made to prod the Australian Government into real action (a genuine carbon tax, for instance, as opposed to its weak-kneed ETS). Perhaps Saturday, 24 October – the International Day of Climate Action – is an opportunity to ring or send a message to a politician. (Some sound advice on getting the attention of pollies is presented on the ‘Electronic Frontiers Australia’ website).




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