Is God unhappy?

  (21 October 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney Anglican Diocese, has been doing some soul-searching. He suspects God’s not happy. How else to account for the plunge of around $160 million in Sydney Diocese investments?


Jensen is quoted by the Oz as telling the Sydney Diocesan Synod that the church was "up against a large challenge and there is no guarantee whatever that we will survive except as a small but wealthy cult". (As opposed to what it has been, of course: a moderately large and very wealthy cult.)


So what on earth did God have in mind? To his credit, Jensen has apparently considered whether the Almighty might not approve of the Sydney stance on gay priests. (Don’t hold your breath for that horse to come home.)


He’s also canvassed the possibility that the Lord may not actually be “directly speaking to us through these large losses”. For folk who believe God acts through history and freely intervenes in human affairs, though, that’s a big ask.


Since the Archbishop is floundering, he might appreciate some suggestions to ponder. I have a couple to get the ball rolling:


  • The Diocese could try giving a great deal more of its wealth to the poor and following Jesus
  • Perhaps it’s a sign biblical literalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be


Any more ideas?





I think the church uses their money where they want to use it. We all have been told that God is in charge of every thing and that the poor will always be with us. The main reason we are on this earth is to Glorify God. How we do that is strictly up to God. He is in charge. I think we should do what our consciounce tells us to do and hopefully that will be what God wants us to do. and God will be pleased.

Posted by Brenda

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