2010 Global Atheist Convention

  (06 October 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, Peter Singer, Phillip Adams and Catherine Deveny are among the speakers at next year’s Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne. The Convention runs from 12 - 14 March, 2010.


Atheism in Australia, according to Deveny, is “going off like a frog in a sock”, and the clear intention of the organisers (the Atheist Foundation of Australia and Atheist Alliance International) is to ‘sock it to ‘em’ and show some atheist muscle.




This conference has the best international cast of speakers I've ever seen - Richard Dawkins, Peter Singer et al. I'll be there!

Posted by Scott McKenzie

Yes quite a remarkable line-up and some comedians too. A good mix! However, I wonder if any of them have read a recently released book "Atheism in Christianity' by Ernst Bloch. And of course Jesus was as 'Against Religion" as any of them.

Posted by Judith Bore

Here's a quote from the publisher's (Verso) website concerning the book:
"In recent years religious faith has come under much scrutiny from secular progressives. Fear of a rise in Islamic and Christian fundamentalism has prompted numerous attacks on the belief in God which make no attempt to understand its source.

In the long unavailable Atheism in Christianity, Ernst Bloch provides an original historical examination of Christianity in an attempt to find its social roots. He pursues a detailed study of the Bible and its long standing fascination for “ordinary and unimportant” people. In the Bible stories’ promise of utopia and their antagonism to authority, Bloch locates the appeal to the oppressed—the desire “to transcend without transcendence.” Through a lyrical yet close and nuanced analysis he explores the tensions within the text that promote atheism, against the authoritarian metaphysical theism imposed on it by priest interpreters. At the Bible s heart he finds a heretical core and claims, paradoxically, that a good Christian must necessarily be an atheist."

Posted by Judith Bore

Dunno, but I'm sure quite a few of them will have read _50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists_ (ed. Russell Blackford and Udo Schuklenk). ;)

I hope lots of you guys will make it to the convention. On my understanding of the Sea of Faith, a discussion between you and atheists (like me) could be productive. My own talk at the convention won't be about arguments for atheism about the political role of religion. Many of you may agree with it.

Posted by Russell Blackford

er, that should say "but about the political role"

Posted by Russell Blackford

I will never allow my child to attend a Christian or Catholic Church, because believe it or not, this happens in Christian Churches as much as it does in the Catholic Churches... I recently had a man visiting us from a church wanting my daughter to attend their church, and i told him straight to his face that i will never allow my child to be surrounded by child rapists, and that the only reason that they become priests is as a cover up, because priests are trusted, and therefore no one will suspect that their children would be in any danger whilst they are in the company on a priest!!! Do these priests and other members of these churches truly believe that they still have a place secured in heaven... if so, they should think again!!!

Posted by Louise Croukamp

I'll be at the Convention with me bells on, Russell - hope to get to your talk. Many of us in SoFiA (certainly not all - see below) are atheists who see a potentially positive role for religion, though we may not define it as narrowly as Dawkins et al do.

At a recent SoFiA Conference, just over 50% identified as either atheist or agnostic. And, interestingly, exactly 50% said that a Christian could be an atheist. (Another 25% were 'unsure' on this issue.)

Posted by Greg Spearritt

After suffering the Atheist Choir at the Unitarians fund raiser, rubbishing hymns and singing somgs more fitted to communist or facist rallies I am glad I mised the convention. Radical atheists like radical believers lack sensitivity. That said, Sam Harris is a bit more middle of the road along with Michael Shermer.

Posted by Paul Murchison

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