The pros and cons of discrimination

  (04 October 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

The recent debate in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald about the Victorian Attorney-General’s decision to exempt religious groups/schools from aspects of anti-discrimination law has raised much food for thought. Here are the contributions, by date:


A betrayal of the faith  

(Sept 29 –John Mcintyre, Anglican Bishop of Gippsland)

Christians should support equality and human rights laws, not seek exemptions.


O Glorious Prejudice  

(Sept 29 – Dick Gross, atheist blogger)

The right wing bit of our broad church of the religious community has done it again.  It has actively campaigned on promoting prejudice and bigotry and won.


Freedom of religion is also a basic right  

(Sept 30 – Rob Ward, Victorian Director of The Australian Christian Lobby)

Telling a church or a mosque it can't employ people who share its ethos is a bit like telling the Labor Party it must employ Liberals.


Why the Bishop is wrong on faith and rights  

(Sept 30 – Kevin Donnelly, former Liberal staffer and Executive Director of Melbourne-based consulting group Education Strategies)

Bishop John McIntyre criticises the decision by Attorney-General Rob Hulls to continue to allow faith-based schools to discriminate in terms of who they employ.


Balancing religion and rights: the case against discrimination

(Oct 4 – Margaret Thornton, professor of law at the Australian National University)

Allowing religious organisations to discriminate runs contrary to community standards.


Balancing religion and rights: the case for discrimination  

(Oct 4 – Denis Hart, Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne)

Religious organisations must have the right to act in ways consistent with their beliefs.


Hulls' lack of courage leaves discrimination entrenched

(Oct 4 – Editorial)

We must be cautious about allowing any group the right to discriminate.


Teacher scorned for 'chosen lifestyle'  

(Oct 4 – news item, Melissa Fyfe, journalist)

This is an example of the largely unseen discrimination that will be allowed to continue under last week's decision by Attorney-General Rob Hulls to grant religious organisations the right to continue to reject employees on the grounds of sex, sexuality, marital and parental status and gender identity.




discrimination is so retarded

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