A discriminating decision

  (29 September 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

In the recent action of Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls we see more confirmation of the irrelevance of some churches: it’s exactly as Don Cupitt observes in his 2008 book The Meaning of the West (SCM, p.34):


The Church clings to its old inefficiencies, discriminations and injustices, and repeatedly demands for itself opt-outs from legislation that would require it to get its treatment of its own employees, women, gays and other groups up to decent contemporary secular standards.


Hold on a minute, though: before we tar all Church leaders with the same brush, let’s give credit where it’s due. The Anglican Bishop of Gippsland, John McIntyre, has made a spirited objection to Hull’s actions which ought to give hope to progressive Christians everywhere. He says, in part:


How bizarre that the followers of Jesus Christ would oppose, and ask for exemptions from, a legal instrument that has at its heart a declaration of the dignity and value of every human life and the basic rights of every person. Jesus of all people, would champion an affirmation of fundamental human rights, which especially benefits marginalised groups in society and those least able to protect themselves.




Might be time to take a stand? Should SoFiA be writing in support of John McIntyre's protest?

Posted by judith Bore

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