Books for the Boys in Blue

  (05 September 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

Good news! Every policeman graduating from the police academy in Goulbourn will now be offered a Bible – but not just any old Holy Writ. It’s the new policeman-blue version especially designed by the Bible Society for the wallopers of NSW.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, these new Bibles


contain the police prayer and images of police on the beat. They also feature ''situational'' chapters with specific readings on grief, ethics, integrity, leadership, sin and, perhaps less practically for police, forgiveness.


We’re assured that it’s the Bible Society, not the NSW taxpayer footing the bill for this innovation (though it’s not clear whether tax-deductibility comes into it).


Now who’ll step up to offer a cop-coloured Koran? Or the Blue Books version of Bertrand Russell’s ‘Why I am Not a Christian’?




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