Profiles of the Godless

  (05 August 09)

Last year the Center for Inquiry asked members to participate in a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind survey of nonbelievers.  Thousands responded and the results are in!

Luke Galen, associate professor of psychology at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, has released the findings of his study and published an article summarizing the results in the most recent issue of Free Inquiry magazine, the flagship publication of CFI's sister organization, the Council for Secular Humanism.

In his article, Galen notes that other researchers have collected mountains of data about the attitudes and characteristics of believers, but there's far less information about nonbelievers.  Even worse, what little data does exist has often been collected accidentally.

Galen's study is the first to direct a full range of sociological survey questions specifically at our population of "nones" (as nonbelievers have usually been identified by pollsters).

In addition - and perhaps most significantly - Galen's data calls into question the oft-reported link between strong religious belief and mental health.


Read the report here.


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