The Divine Dumbledore

  (03 August 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

The Harry Potter Alliance is a group dedicated to creative and innovative action on social justice issues. Whether it’s raising money for victims of oppression in Darfur and Burma, supporting local food banks or promoting equal marriage for LGBT folk, members of the HPA draw their inspiration from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels and in particular from the character Albus Dumbledore.


Are we seeing the rise of a genuinely secular, this-worldly religion?:


What Would Dumbledore Do?: 100 Lessons on Living from the World’s Greatest Wizard

While this project has been coordinated by the HP Alliance, it is happening because of the entire Harry Potter fandom and our love for a fictional character who continues to serve us as a real teacher in transforming our lives and our world to be based on love.




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