A Memorable Memoir

  (03 October 07)
  by Greg Spearritt

Pamela Bone, author and journalist with The Age (Melbourne) has a new book out. Bad Hair Days is a memoir, written after she began suffering the effects of incurable bone cancer. The review by Morag Fraser is well worth a look.

Bone has written eloquently on religion: on good and bad religion, on politicians urging us to take up religion, on women wearing the hijab and the burqa and more. She's a feminist and secularist, not strident but thoughtful and courageous.

(Thanks to the eagle eyes of Nigel Sinnott for drawing my attention to Fraser's review of Bad Hair Days.)



Thankyou for this Greg, and thankyou Nigel Sinnott. I have been only partly aware of the writing of Pamela Bone. Now I feel very sad that she will not be continuing to comment on the times.

Posted by helen mason

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