Why we believe in Gods!

  (02 May 09)

Brian Wilder sent in this YouTube piece of Andrew Thomson presenting a talk on "Why We Believe in Gods" at the American Atheist Convention 2009 in Atlanta Georgia.

This talk (all 54 minutes of it) draws on a wide range of studies in neuroscience in particular but also in evolutionary psychology and related disciplines, to explain how our brains evolved in such a way as to make us susceptible (vulnerable?) to belief in the supernatural.

Justin Barrett covers similar territory in Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (AltaMira Press, 2004)

You need to set aside almost an hour to watch Thomson's quite interesting address which is well supported with PP slides. Interested? Click here.


I've just sat through the Youtube video, what a great presentation! For those who have a"inside the tent", this provides rational support; for those still "inside the tent," it provides insight into the ways and means used by the religious hierarchies to keep their members controlled.

By the way Scott, thanks for the email bulletin - I'm much more likely to get to the SoFiA site that way because I rarely generally browse (except for the Sydney Morning Herald or Yahoo! News sites). Well done!

Posted by Jim Norman

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