Humanitarian Religion

  (24 April 09)
  by Greg Spearritt

It’s refreshing to see a religious point of view reported in the Australian press that clearly has compassion – rather than self-righteous judgement – at its root.


Darwin imam Adam Konda has a response to the recent arrival and disastrous experience of Afghan and Iranian asylum-seekers aboard SIEV 36 that suggests a very humane and laudable perspective on Islam.




Glad you have highlighted this article Greg. Sure makes you realize how sterotypes dominate our thinking and get utilized to make news!

Posted by Judith Bore

I can understand how the Imam feels about his people, I must admit that I do not feel like welcoming too many people from war zones like Afghanistan who come to Australia this way. I would rather they stayed in a refugee camp, perhaps supported by us and they were assessed as to whether they really were in danger in their country and needed refuge here, and perhaps someday they might be able to return to their own country. Yes we are a big country, but I do not want a bigger population, because I expect, like everyone else, the refugees will settle in one of the capital cities, and that will mean pressure to live in small houses with no gardens because the BCC and others do not want these cities to spread.
This does not sound very generous, but we have to consider that it is not a matter of the occasional boatload of people, boatloads are likely to come every few weeks.

Posted by Helen Mason

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