The deification of stupidity

  (21 March 09)

AC Grayling writing in the Guardian about the attempt by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to make criticism of religion a case of defamation, points to some of the terrible examples of religious stupidity both Christian and Islamic, that it would be illegal to make comment on.

One recent example of the Christian variety comes from Africa where the Pope has recently fulminated against condoms as exacerbating the spread of HIV/AIDS. Protecting the Pope against criticism for such an absurd position by making it illegal to criticise religion would take us back many centuries in common sense. 

Grayling gives examples also from Islamic nations - some of which beggar belief. But it appears that the OIC is pressing hard on this at the United Nations Council on Human Rights in Geneva. That such a group might well be successful in their endeavours is frightening.




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